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The New Age of Business Models

The pace of technological change seems to occur at a more dizzying rate each year. Remaining relevant requires continuous adjustment. Enterprises stuck in a mode of “status quo” are readily being displaced by innovative, disruptive companies that creatively find new ways to do things through technology innovations and development of new value chains. The ng […]

Connected but not united

With the connected world we are living in comes an interesting byproduct: the connected vacation. I am not sure that this is the greatest benefit brought to us by the digital age. This year it was particularly hard for me to enjoy a break from work. Not that I am a workaholic, I welcomed the […]

Gamification of Learning

I have been thinking quite a bit and been having conversations with a few people recently about how most organized learning and teaching is really not optimized for students.  I love learning new things.  It’s why I’m in innovation and like to work around really smart people with very diverse viewpoints…and yet I really don’t […]

Is the future a “Murmuration” of people, things and organisations? A look at the new frontier of collaboration.

I think that most of us are aware of the benefits of collaboration – after all, that is the whole point of ng Connect. We know that pure competition is a zero-sum game (if one gains, another loses) but what many of us are not aware of is the profound synergy between the ng Connect […]

Connected World 2011 Setting the Tone for M2M

A few weeks ago, I was in Chicago speaking at Connected World Conference 2011 on the topic of “Capitalizing on Connectivity”.  The focus of this talk was to discuss how business models, industries, and markets are changing as a result of connectivity.  Fundamentally, how you run your business and how you do business with your […]

Get these Digital Natives a job!

There are plenty of technology observers today who tend to pitch Digital Natives against Digital Immigrants in the generation conflict of the early 21st century. Isn’t that going too far? Can we really brand the arguments with my son when he refuses to stop playing on his Wii or my iPad a generation conflict? Maybe […]

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