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ng Connect Supports Auckland, NZ Techweek

On 19 May,  the ng Connect Program held a workshop in Auckland, New Zealand as part of Auckland’s inaugural Techweek event. The week included 55 events and 86 different speakers. Because of the ng Connect Program’s previous interactions with the city on projects like the Connected Bus Shelter market trial, the city requested that the ng Connect […]

The IoT Community is off to a blazing start

ng Connect achievements in 1Q2016 IOT Community launch at Mobile World Congress and growing momentum Looking forward to (lots of) IOT activities One of the goals of the ng Connect Program is to accelerate market adoption of new technologies and business models.  We are all in the business of developing, selling and delivering great products, […]

The new $350 million IoT fund – Why IoT and why now?

By Paul Asel, Managing Partner, Nokia Growth Partners. Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri announced at Mobile World Congress a new $350M commitment to Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). The announcement begs three questions: Why IoT? Why now? And how will it be invested? Recent market turmoil is reintroducing a healthy […]

Does IoT spell the end of Marketing?

There is a lot of talk and excitement in the telecom industry about the Internet of Things. There is a strong belief, a quasi certainty, that we are undergoing a revolution that will significantly transform our lives and our planet. After all, the signs are already there: computers, smartphones have been connected for quite a […]

Overcoming IoT Market Inertia

When the ng Connect Program was founded a number of years ago, the vision of the program was to drive the adoption of LTE. The belief was that by developing an ecosystem and having the members of that ecosystem work together to create example concepts, the adoption of LTE would accelerate due to the usefulness, […]

IOT World USA shines in sunny San Diego

One of the things I like about industry conferences and seminars is that there are always some good takeaways and interesting encounters, even if everything else (venue, speakers, themes, content) is left lacking.  I make a point of writing a blog post offering my thoughts and perspectives after every single event, and bridge this experience […]

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