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What Would Make Us More Productive at Work?

There is a lot of thinking about how our enterprise communications work and how today’s technology can improve the traditional costs and productivity challenges. And there are a lot of inefficiencies in our traditional voice communications for a lot of traditionally good reasons—that aren’t so meaningful today. Much of our professional communication has moved to […]

LTE, an Open U.S. Mobile Telecommunications Industry and Beyond

Today, mobile devices in the U.S. are often tied to mobile operators exclusively or for a defined period of time. In the future this might change and consumers might be able to pick their mobile operator and then buy and use any phone they want.  In Asia and Europe, the mobile telecommunications industry has always […]

4G and LTE Helping Turn the Concept of Ultimate Gaming Portability and Reliability into a Reality

For many years now gamers have been dreaming of ultimate gaming portability and availability, but what does that mean exactly?  From my point of view as a gamer, portability means being able to play my games whenever I want without having to lower my expectations for the quality of the games I can play when […]

Why do Ecosystems Matter?

What is the biggest challenge any operator faces as it looks at deploying a new service? System integration and testing.  Why is this such an obstacle? Think of all the touch points involved: devices, network infrastructure, application servers, billing and operations support infrastructure.  Not to mention the challenge in figuring out the appeal of the […]

Alcatel-Lucent and HP Double Team at CommunicAsia

Singapore again played host to CommunicAsia this year, and ng Connect was there! Forgive me for not blogging sooner, but it took me a while to recuperate from the 32 hours of travel time and the 99.99% humidity. Kidding — it was awesome. We (by “we” I mean Alcatel-Lucent and HP) did a full court […]

Connecting The World Through A Song

Most of us are very passionate about their music. Some are always at the cutting edge of finding new music, and some are comfortable to go back to the same artists that touched their souls; and they continue to be loyal to them.

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