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Ideation Sessions: Pairing Innovative Service Concepts with Great Business Models

One of the fundamental tenets of the ng Connect Program is that innovative service ideas need to be complemented by viable business models.  As experience has shown repeatedly, even the best technology or service in a given market will eventually fail if it lacks a sustainable business model. During ng Connect Program ideation sessions, the […]

GoClass receives 2012 LearninG Impact Award at IMS Global learning consortium conference

GoClass LTE Concept received a Platinum award for Research and Development Initiatives at the IMS GLC Learning Impact Conference in Toronto today. A collaboration between LearningMate and Alcatel-Lucent under the auspices of the ng Connect Program, the GoClass LTE Concept is a deep integration of the LearningMate GoClass platform with network infrastructure technology from Alcatel-Lucent […]

Innovation Centers: Showcasing and Collaboration

I work in an environment where I get to see a lot of “Innovation Centers”.  These centers have the purpose of driving innovation in a particular context (company, industry, group etc.).  Innovation centers are a mix of spaces, processes, tools for the purpose of collaborating and showcasing.  The trick is in the mix of the […]

Smart Cities – Frankenstein or Pinocchio?

Every day we read about new ideas that bring the concept of the Smart City to life – from water systems that predict demand based on the weather forecast and set storage levels appropriately, to street lighting that senses traffic and pedestrian movement to reduce power requirements in quiet neighbourhoods and power management systems that […]

Words in the air

I don’t know about you, but in my case an idea generally stems from a diffuse magma of thoughts or emotions provoked by various experiences (situations, books, encounters, etc.) that suddenly crystallize or click into a concept that I can clearly see, articulate and advocate. It is like a personal a-ha moment that is induced […]

The ng Connect Gravity Centers: accelerators of innovation

The opening of the Alcatel-Lucent EMEA Innovation Center at the end of September near Paris – featuring a brand new ng Connect Gravity Center — exceeded our expectations. I believe all parties – ng Connect members, guest service providers and companies as well as Alcatel-Lucent representatives – were genuinely pleased and impressed. But in the […]

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