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Dunedin: a gigatown positioned for a smart city future

Perched on the southern edge of New Zealand, a small picturesque city with a big digital vision is about to be wired with the fastest broadband speeds in the Southern Hemisphere. You may never have heard of it, but Dunedin is the envy of New Zealand after being crowned the winner of Gigatown, an online […]

Interesting and relevant

If you are in the technology business today, particularly in our industry, chances are a big part of your daily vocabulary features hyped expressions such as Smart Cities, Internet of Things (not to mention the mother of them all: cloud computing) or acronyms like LTE, VM, CRM. Let me ask you this: how do you […]

What Did You See @ CES

Another CES “down”.  That was my 15th!  In some ways it exceeded expectations, too.  In particular, here are the areas that caught my eye and imagination. Let’s begin with considering CES and its importance.  Some say it is mostly a retail show with far too many TVs and little bearing on the telecom industry.  Yes, as […]

Je suis Charlie

I am an optimist. The reason why I love ng Connect and love working in the ICT industry is that I believe that beyond money, we are driven by an urge to make the world a better place. Even those that aspire to be billionaires or simply make it to Shark Tank, base their hopes […]

Hunters of innovation

What’s your company’s most successful innovation this year? Hopefully, as the survey and polling features become available on the ng Connect website, you will soon be able to post your response and see what other people say. How would you answer this question? Would you look at major announcements, press releases or industry awards? As […]

Shifting gears

A few weeks ago we were considering what ng Connect demos we would showcase at the technology symposium event Alcatel-Lucent recently conducted in Basking Ridge, NJ. Selecting the Connected Service Vehicle was a no-brainer for us, considering the traction we have had with the service concept and the upcoming trial with Chorus in New Zealand.  Yet […]

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