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4 wheels, 5G, and a whole new user experience ahead

A famous quote, attributed to (but probably never said by) Henry Ford, is: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Well, the Tin Lizzy did not look like a horse at all, and still it was named the most influential car of the 20th century. If we look […]

What happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas…this time!

T-Mobile & Nokia team up to implement smart city IoT solutions Over 600,000 people call Las Vegas home; but with 43 million people a year visiting Las Vegas, smart city applications for business travelers and tourists are just as important to city management as they are for the citizens. This dichotomy means their needs won’t […]

Discover the secret ingredients behind IoT value creation

What does it take to design a successful IoT application? What’s the right mix between technology or usability? And, is there maybe some kind of secret recipe for success? Recently I attended one of our ng Connect ideation sessions. This is where a group of smart, creative people from different companies in Nokia’s IoT Community […]

Behind the scenes: How the 2017 Ford Mustang became the ng Connect Program’s Mobile Applications Development Platform

Early discussions about the connected rental car solution concept centered around personalizing the shared car experience.   Initial features tossed around to enhance the rental/sharing experience were: personalization and convenience — having your preferred music available, comfort, temperature, seat and mirror positions, phone paired, and even smell choosing a car — augmented reality that views cars […]

Introducing the 5G Community, an OTHER ng Connect ecosystem

Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, February 2017.  Amidst a slew of announcements related to 5G, Nokia just revealed the launch of a new 5G Community under the ng Connect Program.  Nokia is the founding member of ng Connect, and continues to actively support the ecosystem with staff, lab equipment and global infrastructure. The 5G Community, just […]

ng Connect shows power at Distributech 2017

Distributech 2017 has just closed its door on a pretty busy edition that saw the Internet of Things gain further traction in that industry sector, as utilities continue to modernize their infrastructure. Smart infrastructure, asset management, analytics, cybersecurity or DERMS* were among the many buzzwords that echoed throughout the exhibit hall of the San Diego convention […]

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