Bell Labs challenges Australian innovators to redefine the future as it launches the Bell Labs Prize dedicated to ‘inventing the future’

ng-connect-article-bell-labs-challenges-australian-innovatorsBell Labs, the legendary research arm of Alcatel-Lucent is offering Australian innovators and inventors the chance to introduce their ideas to the world, and collaborate with world-renowned Bell Labs researchers.

The Bell Labs Prize is a competition rewarding 10 game-changing proposals in the field of information and communications technologies and related software systems and applications. The competition is open to anyone in one of the participating countries, including Australia, who ‘owns’ an idea and meets the eligibility requirements.

Three prize winners will receive a grant of either US$100,000 (grand prize), US$50,000 (second place) or $25,000 (third place), with the option of working with Bell Labs to see their research project to fruition, when possible.

Liza Noonan, Alcatel-Lucent Australia Director, Market Development and ng Connect, said Australian innovators are strongly placed to target the global award, in areas such as coding, compression, cryptography, math, networks, wireless, wireline, software systems and platforms, sustainability, statistics, algorithms, and cloud, including new human existence-enhancing ‘web’ platforms.

“We have an extraordinary base of innovation here in Australia, and I think a strong appetite for collaboration to develop commercial outcomes. We’re certainly seeing that through the ng Connect program, where we are actively working with Australian commercial innovators and institutions like NICTA, CSIRO and IBES to create new service and business models for the connected world.”

“The Bell Labs Prize will reward game-changing ideas that have the potential make a real impact, to change the way we live, work and communicate, collaborate and connect with each other. The winners will gain not just financial reward but an important boost to refine their idea and increase its to become a commercial reality.”

TO ENTER: Visit to see the simple process and full list of categories. The deadline to enter is Tuesday 15 July 2014.

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