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The National Broadband Network will provide every Australian with access to ultra-broadband & in doing provide a major enabling platform for Australian innovation. According to the Australian Innovation System Report, innovative businesses that collaborate are more likely to increase productivity, profitability & the range of goods or services they offer. By facilitating collaboration and connecting broadband service development to real market requirements ng Connect is multiplying the impact of Australian innovation.

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The Australia blogroll is the go-to place for exciting developments, new projects, new events and guest appearances as well as our own opinions of the Australia tech sector, ng Connect initiatives and our innovative Australia ng Connect members.

4 wheels, 5G, and a whole new user experience ahead

A famous quote, attributed to (but probably never said by) Henry Ford, is: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Well, the Tin Lizzy did not look like a horse at all, and still it was named the most influential car of the 20th century. If we look […]

10 Recommendations for Creating a Smart City

Broadband internet, sensor networks, and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are key components of any smart city implementation. However, making a city smart requires more than just rolling out technology. Below is a list of 10 best practices-based recommendations for creating smarter cities — helping (local) governments initiate, optimize, and evaluate smart city initiatives. 1. […]

ng Connect member HSK Instruments wins top iAward

Congratulations to ng Connect member HSK Instruments, who recently won the Hills Young Innovator of the Year iAward. Their ‘Pepster’ device and app, which helps people with cystic fibrosis do breathing exercises, won the top award of the night and a cash prize of $15,000 to bring the technology to market. The Hills Young Innovator […]

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ng Connect members are Australian innovators active in a wide range of industries – particularly health, education, agriculture and mining. Members are characterised by a collaborative nature and work together to develop broadband-enabled solutions for industry or government.

Related Service Concepts

Key outputs of ng Connect in Australia are Service Concepts. Service Concepts are prototype solutions created with the expertise and technology from member companies. ng Connect Ideation Meetings are a fast and effective way to create new service concepts, test and refine development of new business models to deploy your service concept to market.

The ng Connect Portfolio

The ng Connect portfolio includes methodologies to develop service concepts, business models and market trials.

Each are designed to assist your company to rapidly develop or test a new business idea using new technologies which may differentiate the value proposition or improve the user experience or simply test a brand new business idea.

ng Connect’s portfolio and methodologies are tried and tested and critical for a faster time to market and to visibility and credibility for your service.

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