Announcing the ng Connect EMEA Innovation Center

We’re excited this week to open out EMEA Innovation Center in Villarceaux! ng Connect continues to do amazing things in North America, Asia and around the world, and we’re proud to show the program’s continued commitment in EMEA with this Innovation Center. There are a number of new facilities here that will help further drive innovation at ng Connect, and they include:

  • Creativ’lab of Bell Labs to develop new ideas and technologies for Alcatel-Lucent that can also be utilized by ng Connect members
  • The Executive Briefing Center where ng Connect service concepts will be on display to show all the capabilities next generation technologies are bringing to the consumers of tomorrow, as well as the business models that could support them
  • The Gravity Center, a new accelerator founded by Alcatel-Lucent to help spur innovation within the start-up and university community in the metro Paris areas. The Gravity Center will attract small companies, entrepreneurs and universities can work together and individual companies can join the ng Connect Program as a member company. With their membership, they can also be a part of service concept development and linked to various labs and platforms in the region that will have a home base at the Gravity Center. ng Connect is proud to lead these Gravity Centers and work with these companies to drive the technologies of tomorrow.

ng Connect has seen some great growth in the development of exciting new service concepts to our membership to the general innovation that has come, and continues to come from the program. At today’s launch of the EMEA Innovation Center, Ben Verwaayen, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, kicked things off and stated:

“True innovation is between people. It’s bringing customers in, it’s bringing competitors in, it’s bringing people from different industries in an early stage. That exchange of views, that capability to think very out of the box is what drives this industry. Our customers, our competitors, ourselves, we are all motivated by one thing – making something that is completely different than what we had in the past. To have that ability to do better, faster, more intelligent and do it together is the concept of ng Connect. We are very happy with it.”

Through ng Connect we demonstrated the full potential of LTE technology and its relevance in areas where it is not expected, such as the automotive industry or public entertainment. LTE was just the beginning but an important one because it was a pivot point for the industry, bringing true broadband and enhanced QoS to mobile networks – it is a technology that enables other members of the value chain to actually realize and enhance their own product and service innovation strategies. 

LTE was just the tip of the iceberg, we look forward to diving deeper by conquering other next generation technologies and showing the advantages a powerful ecosystem like ng Connect can bring to the table. And this Innovation Center is just the stepping stone we need to get there.  When you are next in Villarceaux, please let us know and we can give you a tour.

Vincent Weyl

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