Announcing the Fan Cam!

We’ve all had that experience – we go to see a game or concert and we enjoy the team or musician, and the environment we’re sharing with other fans, but how much better would it be if the experience were more in-depth, more interactive and even community-driven? We want to see things beyond where we’re seated, from perspectives other than our own. Now thanks to LTE and the cloud, the latest service concept from ng Connect – the Fan Cam – can make this possible.

Using their own smartphones, fans can video stream the event via the cloud to an event editor who will select which fan video to show on one large screen at the venue. For this big screen experience, called Fan Hot Picks, each video will be published and managed through a content delivery network (CDN). Key to the success of any major event, advertising can also have a play because ads can be featured on the Fan Hot Picks screen or on the consumer’s phone when they activate the Fan Cam app.

In addition to the Fan Hot Picks screen, there could be a second screen at the venue that can show editorial content from a news organization – such as Agence France Presse. AFP, an ng Connect Program member, worked with Alcatel-Lucent to demonstrate the types of content that could be live streamed during these events.

And the fun doesn’t end with the game or concert! After the game, fans can purchase the Fan Hot Picks video or be entered to win prizes for participating in the experience.

The Fan Cam allows fans to have a richer, more personalized and community-driven experience at events that will increase customer satisfaction. And now advertisers will have a new opportunity to reach customers.

The Fan Cam is a new service concept developed by Alcatel-Lucent with member contributions, including AFP, as a part of the ng Connect Program and unveiled today at 4G World. Come by the Alcatel-Lucent Booth #1407 where it will be demonstrated for the first time.

Jason Collins

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