All Eyes on Mobilize

Recently I was in San Francisco attending GigaOM’s Mobilize Conference, one of mobile industry’s major conferences, where some very influential people came together to discuss mobile topics-du-jour – from the latest devices to the expanding potential of cloud-based services. I had been looking forward to attending and speaking for some time now, and the event did not disappoint.

I spoke on a fireside chat called “4G on 4 Wheels: Is the Next Big App Market Inside Your Car?” along with moderator and Accenture Senior Manager Lars Kamp, and Doug VanDagens, the Director of Connected Services for Ford Motor Company. Lars, Doug and I discussed how 4G and LTE networks are shaping the next generation of automotive connectivity, as well as the role ng Connect is playing to enable that connectivity. I immediately made it clear to the more than 750 people that attended our discussion (and 300+ that live-streamed online) that the drive to unify mobile services is based on consumer demand, and ng Connect is focused on fostering the next generation of user experiences not just for connected cars, but for a great variety of devices.

During ng Connect’s ongoing interactions with automotive manufacturers as well as other industries, we’ve realized that virtually all of them regard connectivity as a key piece of their strategies for the future. Many people don’t realize that the technology to unify connected services already exists, and full integration thanks to LTE rollouts will be here soon. Mobile operators, automotive manufacturers and applications developers alike are all searching for ways to improve the value of their services by taking advantage of next generation networks – which is where ng Connect comes in.

Mobilize was a great experience full of valuable insights into what’s on tap for the mobile industry. From what I saw, 4G, LTE and the cloud and what’s possible with them are the talk of the town. And it’s exciting because this is just the beginning!

— Steve West, VP Emerging Technology & Media, Alcatel-Lucent

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