Alcatel-Lucent and HP Double Team at CommunicAsia

Singapore again played host to CommunicAsia this year, and ng Connect was there! Forgive me for not blogging sooner, but it took me a while to recuperate from the 32 hours of travel time and the 99.99% humidity. Kidding — it was awesome. We (by “we” I mean Alcatel-Lucent and HP) did a full court press towards the analyst community and the media throngs that gathered to cover the event.  Together with Mikko Uusitalo and Subash Penmetsa from HP we waved the ng Connect banner proudly. Supported by a killer local team from both Alcatel-Lucent and HP, we covered at least a dozen key analysts and did a Telecom TV interview. And as per this comment from Adeel Najam of Frost and Sullivan in Singapore, the ng Connect Program looks like it has real potential, including the wider ICT industry:

“ALU’s NG connect program has the potential to make a positive impact on not just the telecom industry but also on the overall ICT industry and even beyond. The success will depend on how the participants work with each other to innovate applications. The industry needs broadband and data applications that can efficiently use the next generation networks of today. In the fixed broadband market, access speeds of 100Mbps and even 1Gbps are available in some developed markets. However the industry lacks applications and services that can effectively utilize these throughputs. With the improvement in wireless access technology and roll out of 3.5 G and LTE networks, wireless providers will also need innovative applications that can leverage the NG wireless networks. Data traffic is surging but the revenues are not increasing at the same rate. Carriers need a way to monetize their networks more effectively. Programs like the NG connect enables collaborations amongst various players to help innovate for the telecom industry.  

Most of the data in today’s networks originates from PCs/Laptops. The internet can be useful for many other devices and appliances from many industries like hospitality, healthcare, education etc. Collaboration between telco and other ICT players can widen the impact of ng networks on the larger landscape.

The NG connect program is still in its early stages and it remains to be seen how much the involved companies practically collaborate. It will be interesting to see if any other telecom vendors also join this program. Commercial applications as a result of this initiative are awaited. The participants should work more closely with the telecom service providers and also other service providers to see what kind of applications can be developed.”

After some meetings in Singapore we have agreed to gear up the Alcatel-Lucent IP Transformation lab in Singapore in a big way to be the center of the spoked wheel to help support the ecosystem and deliver its benefits to the larger APAC region. Some proof of concept demonstrations will be set up there soon, including a special focus on demos that will likely to be of particular interest to end-users and ng Connect participants within the Asian and Pacific markets.  The ng Connect approach has already been shared specifically in Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Korea so momentum is growing. 

So in signing off, ng Connect is now full speed ahead in the APAC region!  Thanks to all who made it happen, especially Mikko and Subash — Tiger beers all around!

Steve West, Alcatel-Lucent

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