A look at Alcatel-Lucent and ng Connect from MWC 2010

This year at Mobile World Congress, Alcatel-Lucent was all about demonstrating how we are “Transforming the Mobile Experience”. The Internet is going mobile, and Alcatel-Lucent is driving the transition to high-bandwidth, all-IP mobile broadband networks with its industry-leading end-to-end LTE solutions, already selected for 40 LTE customer trials around the world.

A look at Alcatel-Lucent and ng Connect from MWC 2010The LTE Connected Car was the highlight of the show, firmly asserting Alcatel-Lucent’s technology and thought leadership in End to End solutions for LTE, 4G and other ultra high bandwidth networks. We successfully demonstrated the value that the ng Connect Program’s ecosystem brings in terms of fostering new service and product development with non-traditional revenue streams for LTE and beyond! We managed over 320 tours of the car over the 4 days of the show. Our customers had a chance to become fully briefed on the benefits of the ng Connect Program and were very enthusiastic as to how they could leverage our technology solutions in the run up to launch of LTE. Many skeptics were pleasantly surprised as to how we have been able to expand the program within a year’s time, as we have gone from 15 members at launch to over 25 worldwide partners and are still growing.

We highlighted several strategic initiatives including “Transforming the User Experience”, “Sustainable Savings” and “Smart Growth”, all designed to help drive the transformation of service providers’ networks and businesses to optimize their networks and to thrive in an environment where the lines between the Internet and telecom networks are beginning to blur.

A look at Alcatel-Lucent and ng Connect from MWC 2010A key challenge for operators is how to extract the greatest value from their existing networks. We are working with operators around the world to add new capabilities and new applications to their networks to generate new revenue streams on top of their existing base, which is one key aspect of Alcatel-Lucent’s Application Enablement Vision. As such, we unveiled our Application Exposure Suite which allows carriers to create services in their networks such as billing or by location base through a secure exposure layer to application and content providers in a way that can enrich Web-based services and create new mash-up capabilities. In so doing, carriers will be able to embrace these kinds of non-traditional mash-ups in order to increase their return on investment in new network equipment.

We extended our push to transform the network into a powerful platform for the delivery of applications by announcing a new cloud-based developer platform and a game-changing business model that flips the traditional API (application programming interface) aggregation approach on its head. The new elements mark a critical next step in our application enablement vision — combining the trusted capabilities of service providers with the speed and innovation of the Web to provide both consumers and business users with a richer user experience. Alcatel-Lucent’s messaging was well received by our customers, press and the analyst community, which further substantiates and supports the core value proposition of the ng Connect Program. Alcatel-Lucent and the ng Connect LTE Connected Car clearly took the show by storm!

Laureen R. Cook, Emerging Technology & Media, Alcatel-Lucent

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