4G and LTE Helping Turn the Concept of Ultimate Gaming Portability and Reliability into a Reality

For many years now gamers have been dreaming of ultimate gaming portability and availability, but what does that mean exactly?  From my point of view as a gamer, portability means being able to play my games whenever I want without having to lower my expectations for the quality of the games I can play when I’m outside of my home.  If I buy a game on my computer I want to be able to take it on the plane, in the car, on my cell phone or my laptop anywhere I go.  Availability means being able to have access on any device to find all the entertainment I want including games, movies, music and books and that media being available over multiple devices.

To date this idea has been pursued half-heartedly with less than ideal results.  Today if you want to buy a game on your iPhone you only own it on the iPhone, you can’t port the license over to another device.  If you buy the latest game on PC you can’t take it to the car, to the phone or easily to the living room. You also don’t have a universal platform amongst these devices to be able to browse the same entertainment from anywhere and have access to the media you bought.

Why is this?  What has been keeping us from the gamer “Holy Grail” that is the seamless experience from device to device and availability everywhere?  In the past the answer was simple; wireless networks and the devices that used them were not powerful or fast enough to deliver the type of gaming or media experience you’d get from a traditional game console or PC.   The subject of going from device to device with your games was absolutely crazy talk due to the technical limitations including the speed of the networks and the processing power of the devices.

Today we have new technologies and devices that are changing all of that.  Only a few years ago transmission speeds for data on mobile networks was so slow that unless you wanted to wait a lifetime you could never get a fun or graphically intense game.  Today things are changing, 4G is on the horizon and will bring near-broadband speed to downloads and streaming to devices everywhere.

Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent and the ng Connect members, huge advances are being made daily to demonstrate the benefits of 4G and to hasten its embracement by the cellular providers. We are rapidly moving towards making this seamless game experience with ultimate portability and availability a reality.  GameStreamer is working on developing Proof of Concepts for 4G on the mobile laptop and 4G delivering games everywhere maybe even your car!

In the near future I see a world where I can buy a game, movie, song or book on multiple devices and be able to use them anywhere I go. Games and movies will be streamed to my devices or downloaded at extremely fast speeds with little or no wait necessary to start enjoying. No longer will I be tied down or limited in where I can go and what I can do with my entertainment that I purchased. I believe we are finally close to delivering on this gamer utopia of ultimate gaming portability and availability.  I am more excited than ever to be involved with the gaming and entertainment industry as things are about to change forever.

Nathan Lands, Co-Founder of GameStreamer

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